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New Njoga Coffee Subscription Offers Quality Coffee from Kenya and More

Do you want any easy way to get fresh, quality coffee at home? It’s here! Njoga Coffee is proud to offer a new home subscription service in partnership with Axiom Coffee and Global Coffee Trading. Through this unique partnership you will have access to coffees that have been sourced through direct relationships from farms using sustainable and fair practices.

You will get two coffees with every monthly shipment. You have two options: a two-bag Njoga Coffee subscription or the Coffee Club Explorer subscription. 

With the Coffee Club Explorer subscription, your package will include one coffee from Njoga Coffee that is a competition-level coffee sourced directly from Kenya. You will also receive a second farm-level coffee from another origin. This coffee will be provided through Njoga Coffee’s collaboration with Axiom Coffee and Global Coffee Trading. These coffees will be special, high-quality coffees from small producers.

“Njoga Coffee has access to the world of coffee through her sister company Global Coffee Trading. These are not just the names that echo through the coffee world such as Kona, Blue Mountain, but also those coffees that are yet to hit the big time and still are wonderfully flavorful. We have undiscovered gems whose names are not household words but are of high quality and distinctive tastes,” says Edward Karîithi, President of Njoga Coffee. 

 “As a coffee subscriber you will be able to receive a delivery of our Kenyan coffee (grown on our founders family coffee farm and the best of the local Kîrînyaga county) as well as some of the best coffees of the world, if you choose our Coffee Club Explorer subscription. We shall send to you your choice of Njoga Coffee plus a special coffee that 'Global Coffee Tasting Room' is serving on the day your subscription mails,” says Karîithi.

Three are three important reasons to get your Njoga Coffee subscription today: 

  1. It’s easy and convenient.
  2. You will get two bags of amazing, freshly-roasted, farm-fresh coffee.
  3. You will get access to some of the best coffees in the world. 

Learn more and sign up for your subscription today. 



Njoga Coffee 

Njoga Coffee is a family-owned business that focuses on quality and sustainable practices. We have our own tree nursery, where we grow coffee trees from our own seeds. We prune our coffee trees by hand and use the trimmings for firewood, which preserves nearby forests.

The wet processing uses only pure water from the Njoga river. We don’t use any chemicals, and our process does not negatively impact the environment. Our entire process is done by hand. We hand-pick the berries, using only the perfectly ripe ones. You can taste the Njoga difference.


Global Coffee Trading

Global Coffee Trading's team has more than three decades of combined experience in the specialty coffee industry across the supply chain. We work with producers around the world to source delicious coffees. Our expertise ranges from applying sustainable growing practices to milling, from quality control to logistics, from finance to barista training. 


Axiom Specialty Coffee

Axiom Specialty Coffee is a quality-driven, relationship-based micro-lot coffee importer born out of the life-changing work of Axiom Coffee Ventures in Latin America aimed at solving the problem of poverty in coffee. We work with thousands of coffee farmers and their families, providing financial as well as technical assistance so that they may see the benefits of their hard work. 

Sign up for your subscription now and get delicious coffee delivered right to your home.



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  • kalburgi srinivas

    I wish you would offer some sample packets first. Some of my best coffee memories were in Madrid, London, Bangalore-India and some South Indian restaurants in Toronto. The so called ‘Madras Coffee’ can be bought in Indian Grocery Stores in Brampton-Canada. But often are beyond beyond their best-before years.

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