Why a Njoga Cup of Coffee Counts

Why a Njoga Cup of Coffee Counts

We are excited to announce our new partnership with My Cup Counts® to produce high quality single-serve beverage products. At Njoga, our goal is provide quality coffee that makes a difference. That’s why this partnership is just the right fit.

My Cup Counts, like Njoga, is committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing, while maintaining high standards for social responsibility. My Cup Counts services people with special needs by providing access to jobs and training, which can help provide independence and financial security.

“This partnership gives Njoga Coffee the opportunity to offer a quality single serve coffee experience while supporting a mission that we care about deeply,” says Edward Karîithi of Njoga Coffee and Global Coffee Trading. “We are pleased to work with My Cup Counts and to provide access to jobs and training for hard working individuals. This is a win-win for our company and for our Njoga Coffee customers who want to support sustainable coffee.”

My Cup Counts has a strong reputation and a commitment to working with people with special needs. “At My Cup Counts we provide value to our customers to help them produce high quality single-serve packaged products,” the company states. “At My Cup Counts, we believe that good jobs empower and transform lives. In our manufacturing and distribution platform, people with special needs are provided paid on the job training in an integrated work environment. We teach transferable skills that lead to career jobs in the community.”

At Njoga Coffee, we fully support the work of My Cup Counts. Not only are they a great company, but they work to give back to the community, which also an important part of our company’s mission. Giving back is part of our business plan. We have supported education programs and sustainable practices in the community where we grow our coffee.  Working with My Cup Counts is another step in the right direction towards fulfilling our mission and staying true to our corporate values.  Throughout our company history, we have sought ways to improve lives while selling a high quality product.

This partnership is an exciting announcement because that means you will have access to the convenience of single-serve Njoga Coffee. We are happy to provide you an easy way to enjoy our special coffee. The cups are available at Njoga web store. Click Here to purchase!

Thank you for supporting Njoga Coffee.

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