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Breaking Paradigms in Coffee Processing

Curious about coffee processing and current industry innovations? Here is a great resource from Flavio Borem. He is a wealth of information on processing, conservation, and coffee science. Innovations will be key to the future of coffee farming, especially when it comes to efficiency in processing methods and water conservation.   Click "Continue reading ->" to watch video!

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The Perfect Pour Over at Home

The Perfect Pour Over at Home   Brewing your coffee by hand, using a pour over method allows you to engage in an exciting and enjoyable coffee ritual. With a pour over method you essentially brew the coffee in a special glass or cup, using a filter and hot water. The result is a more flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee. This differs from using a French press, which can leave bits of grounds or even sludgy coffee at the bottom of your cup. Pour overs produce a nice clean finish that highlights the best part: the delicious coffee.   Baristas love doing pour overs because they showcase the artistic side of coffee-making. Why not give it a try?  ...

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The New Njoga Coffee

We are pleased to announce the relaunch of our greatly improved webstore at This new website design has been developed to create a user-friendly interface that is more streamlined and visually appealing. We’ve also added new and improved functionality to enhance your shopping experience.   Beyond that, the most exciting news is that we’ve taken Njoga Coffee to the next level. We believe coffee is meant to be enjoyed, not just as a jumpstart in the morning but as a stimulus to your senses. Whether you’re buying beans for your business or for your personal use, with Njoga you will experience some of the world’s most flavorful coffees. Our beans have been responsibly sourced from the world’s great coffee...

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